Graduation Requirements

Guidelines-Student Progression Plan 9-12

4 credits in English 
4 credits in Mathematics at or above Algebra 1 or equivalent 
3 credits in Science, two having integral laboratory components 
1 credit in World History 
1 credit in American History 
½ credit in Economics 
½ credit in American Government 
½ credit in Life Management Skills 
1 credit in Physical Education HOPE 
1 credit in a Performing Fine Art 

15 ½ Required credits 
8 ½ Elective credits 
24 Total credits minimum required for graduation

You must maintain an overall 2.0 GPA and passing scores on all sections of the  College Board-SAT or ACT in order to graduate from our high school with a regular diploma.

Any new student who joins Pk-12 Virtual Academy, must take at least 25% of the courses from our school that are required for graduation. These courses would be solely taught by the teachers employed at PK-12 Virtual Academy.


PK-12 Virtual Academy grants secondary course credits based on defined course criteria and sufficient instructional hours to meet international college and university entrance requirements.