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Our Mission To provide a high quality, personalized, flexible, and technology-based education that provides the skills and knowledge for students to succeed.

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PK-12 Virtual Academy wants to empower learners around the globe through virtual education


Dr. Bhargava has been a public school teacher in the U.S. for almost 20 years. She is passionate about teaching and distance learning. She belongs to a family of educators. Her mother taught foreign language-Sanskrit for 35 years and then retired as a high school principal. Dr. Bhargava followed her mother's footsteps and chose her career as a public educator in grades K-12. Dr. Bhargava taught English, Reading, and Math at various grade levels and to students from all walks of life and socio economic backgrounds. Her experience includes teaching in Title 1 schools, in affluent schools, in rural, and in urban ones as well. As a math instructor at one of the alternative high schools, Dr. B realized how public education worked against the students every single day. In haste to graduate, students took advantage of the weaknesses in the school system to complete the required courses. There was no accountability for the students and no one cared if the students actually learned. Schools only cared to show positive "Data" about students graduation rate. It did not matter if the student actually learned at school. At that time, Dr. B incorporated a virtual school, where learning is personalized to meet the student needs. At PK-12 Virtual Academy, our vision is that every child accomplish their goals and must be ready for any challenges! Parent involvement and professional teachers support can make this vision a reality. Our testimonials and Google reviews say it all !

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