PK-12 Virtual Academy


» What locations do you accept students from?

PK-12 Virtual Academy accepts students from anywhere, anytime around the globe. There is no school calendar. We personalize the curriculum to meet student's needs.

» Do you need I-20 for International students??

PK-12 Virtual Academy accepts students from anywhere. Since all the courses can be completed from anywhere, at student's pace, anyone can earn the credits after completion of the required courses.

» Do you have a school calendar?

No, PK-12 Virtual Academy enrolls students at anytime during the year.  We will accommodate and personalize the curriculum to meet the academic needs.

» Are these courses approved by the US Department of Education?

All courses are accredited and approved by the Florida Department of Education; Advanced Placement courses are approved by the College Board. 

» Do you require records from my previous school?

Records from previous schools will help determine the courses and the grade level for the prospective student. The student will take a diagnostic test anyways to determine the grade level

» Do you require SAT/ACT/State assessments?

No, you don't have to take SAT/ACT/ State assessments. However, we strongly recommend to take SAT/ACT to earn scholarships for college. We only offer NWEA-MAP assessment up to three times in a year.

» Are there additional fees for books or registration?

 All instructional materials are provided online and is included in the tuition. However, for the K-5 students, there is an option for printed material for an additional fees of $100, plus shipping.

» Do you offer a high school diploma?

Yes. PK-12 Virtual Academy offers a high school diploma to students who completes the graduation requirements as stated on our website. 

» Can a student take only one credit for course recovery?

Of course, if a student failed a course and would like to recover the lost credits, we can offer credits for $350 for the two semesters. 




» Are there any attendance requirements?

No. Each course is self-paced, allowing students to work on their own schedule 24/7. Course credit is earned upon successful completion of all lessons and exams within a course. 

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