PK-12 Virtual Academy

High School

Our students have the option of enrolling into the Honors or Regular classes for their core courses in English, Mathematics, Health/Physical Education, Science, Social Studies, and World Languages. Students may also choose to enroll in the college level AP courses that we provide. Students also have the option of taking a variety of Electives that are tailored to their interests in Art, Photography, Law, or Personal/Professional Development. The student can enroll at any time of the year and complete the credits at their pace and time. The school will administer NWEA-MAP assessment two-three times in a year to determine learning gains. The student can take 1-6, half credit courses in a semester. In most instances, student can complete the grade level courses within six months and will be able to advance to the next grade level upon completing all the high school requirements. The school offers asynchronous instruction; however, one-on-one professional synchronous instruction is available for an additional fee. Please inquire by calling the office.

Graduation Requirement

4 credits in English 4 credits in Mathematics at or above Algebra 1 or equivalent 3 credits in Science, two having integral laboratory components 1 credit in World History 1 credit in American History ½ credit in Economics ½ credit in American Government ½ credit in Life Management Skills 1 credit in Physical Education HOPE 1 credit in a Performing Fine Art 15 ½ Required credits 8 ½ Elective credits
24 Total credits minimum required for graduation
You must maintain an overall 2.0 GPA and passing scores on all sections of the College Board-SAT or ACT in order to graduate from our high school with a regular diploma. Any new student who joins Pk-12 Virtual Academy, must take at least 25% of the courses from our school that are required for graduation. These courses would be solely taught by the teachers employed at PK-12 Virtual Academy.
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